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 We Listen Closely to what
you say about your Business’s Complication
s & Visioning.

Then we  
Curate Solutions that'll
"simply" put...

Learn Synchronize Support

“Listen Closely to what I say...”
~Lynryd Skynrd

S.L.S. Services




Chief Strategy Officer
Charleston SC Business Consultant

We’ll be your

Fractional C.S.O. (Chief Strategy Officer)

As your Fractional C.S.O., we'll collaborate closely with you and your team to create and execute a strategic vision, take calculated risks, and inspire the team to achieve your goals. All the benefits of a full-time C-Suite Exec. at a fraction of the cost.

"Packages" starting at $3500.00

per month

Including yet, not limited to:

Risk Analysis & Mitigation ~ Visioning ~ Planning ~

Execution ~ Performance Motivation & Tracking

We’ll be your

Strategic Planning Partner

Adding our

perspective to your vision.

"Packages" starting at $175.00

per month

We’ll be your

Workshop Facilitator

Focus customized

to your teams needs.

Workshops starting

at $1,500.00

So, tell us — are you or your team in a state of...

“Churgency” = Change + Urgency

“Overaraylisis” = Overwhelm + Analysis Paralysis

“Dreality” = Wanting your long-awaited or new dreams to become a reality

"Simple" Lady Solutions Charleston, SC based Business Consulting Agency
"Simple" Lady Solutions Charleston, SC based Business Consulting Agency
"Simple" Lady Solutions Charleston, SC based Business Consulting Agency
Want less of this

Need less of this...

Want more of this

Need more of this...

No worries; we got you!

S.L.S. will be your
trusted and
 reliable ally.


“My circle is small because
into  quality not quantity.”

What do we charge? 

Answer = fair market pricing = You'll save on costs in many ways, but never quality, with S.LS. as your Strategic Advisor, Fractional CSO, or Workshop Facilitator.

How many clients can / do we serve? 

Answer  =  max per month of...  3 fractional partnerships (usual contract is for approx 25 hours) + 3 strategic planning advisor relationships (usual contract is for 3 I hour sessions) + 1 workshop facilitation (done: remotely, locally or nationally with max of 10 participants)= This ensures quality personal service for every S.L.S. customer and a healthy work/ life balance for S.L.S., a core value of ours that we encourage all our clients prioritize as well.

How can you get more particulars? 

Answer = Please do 2 things...

1a Submit our contact form, it's the first step of our “are we a good fit/interview each other" process..  

1b~ Call 805-395-2660 to begin our "in-real-life" conversations and to request our S.L.S. Digits and Details doc that contains more information about our "packages", pricing, and services.  


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Your business is unique, and your solutions should be, too! Some of the specific ways we serve your business include: 

Business Development

Long-term Sustainability

Brand Management

Brand & Culture Alignment

Leadership & Team Development

Leadership & Team Management

Bottom Line Optimization

Operational Efficiency

Strategic Planning & Guidance
Risk Assessment & Management 

Change & Crisis Management

B2B Sales Management


Remote and Will Travel Strategic Planning Fractional COO Fractional CSO
Remote and Flexible Business Consultant Charleston SC
Strategic Planning Fractional COO Fractional CSO

Did you know?


We’re a Charleston, SC business and we're nationally “able,” which means we can work with you in-person or remotely wherever you are. That's what the internet and computers, planes, trains, and automobiles are for!

Services Location Success

Are we a good fit?

Let’s find out!

Take the first step of the S.L.S. “are we a

good fit/get to know each other"  process.

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