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Helping You Navigate the Tides & Currents In Business

“...don't you worry, you'll find yourself”

~Lynryd Skynrd

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Business is like the beach?

Yes, we think so!


So many components are interconnected in any business or organization that must flow simultaneously to be healthy. There are calm, joyful days and stormy, scary ones. The beach can be an overwhelming force or a place from which to recharge and get joy. 


Like the water and the shore, your business deserves proper care, respect, and understanding and is more fruitful when you bring the “right” attitude, people, and tools.


And while the sharks are out there, we can handle them together!

Business is like a beach

“The ocean is a central image.
It is the symbolism of a great journey.”

S.L.S. helps you manage the ebb and flow that comes with the territory. Put people first, profits will followAlways be “prioritizing, maximizing, and adjusting” to bring  the most  enjoyment, trust, and respect to your business life,

Business Beach

Our business’s “beach” or “puzzle” graphic here shows just some of the elements involved in every industry. For all businesses, big and small, this applies...what's deep and at the core will be what comes to "shore."  Knowing, optimizing, and focusing most on the internal and the external will reflect you authentically and impactfully.

Also...visualize, organize, and categorize... It's how we uncomplicate the overly complicated. 

Necessary Possible Impossible
"Simple" Lady Solutions Charleston, SC based Business Consulting Agency
Team Money Time
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Customization is our forte. Every individual, situation, and team is distinctive; we view each client's strengths and challenges through a custom lens to curate their solutions. All the business "beaches"  we walk, and the "puzzles" we get to solve are enriching and appreciated.


Are we a good fit?

Let’s find out!

Take the first step of the S.L.S. “are we a

good fit/get to know each other"  process.

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