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Erin Ryan Diffenderfer

Get to Know the Lady who Keeps it “Simple”

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Erin Ryan Diffenderfer

S.L.S. Principal Owner

Also…Beach & Music Lover | Poet |Puzzle Doer

Experienced Receptive Intuitive Nimble

Hello, I'm Erin!

Much of my career before birthing “Simple” Lady Solutions was spent as an entrepreneur in the highly competitive, multifaceted, male-dominated high-end building and manufacturing industries (no small or simple feat!).


Not only have I co-founded, owned, and operated companies, I've spent over 30 years immersed in business development, team leadership, creative direction, branding, and B2B sales.


Today, I continue my mission of returning to the fun in business by creating customized, collaborative solutions for clients and their teams. Business isn’t simple, but that doesn’t mean it has to be convoluted. 

Business is like the beach

East Coast


West Coast

Walking the business beach
Business is like a beach
Strategic Planning Consultant  Fractional COO Fractional CSO
Substance Strength Leisure

Let’s Get Personal

I grew up and lived in the Silicon Valley of California until my late 20s, and I am so grateful for the experience; it exposed me to many walks and ways of life and remains at the root of my core beliefs and values. You’ll never have to question where I stand regarding diversity, equity, and inclusivity. All humans are created equal, and we should treat them accordingly. Life is richer and much sweeter when we celebrate and understand our differences while recognizing our similarities. 


Whenever I can, I head to California as the multitudes of diversity there soothe and delight my soul; it'll always feel like home in many ways. However, My residence is in the coastal Low-Country of SC, which also brings me much peace and enjoyment... I so love the beach (also the city of Charleston, SC) and two of the greatest joys of my life — my adorable young grandsons are in the area and on the beach with me as often as time and life allow. 


Besides the beach, business, and my grands, I have many other interests and things I enjoy. Among them are connecting and laughing with friends, traveling, people watching, puzzles, blasting and dancing to a great song, writing poetry, trying hard not to kill my plants, and watching great TV shows and movies* just to name a "few."

*I always look for recommendations; let me know what you watch!

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”

-Oscar Wilde

What’s In A Name?

A lot, especially if you have a story like mine.


I like to joke around (a sidenote/PSA...if you don’t, we probably shouldn’t work together)! That’s why “simple” is in quotes. There’s nothing simple about being in is — COMPLICATED!


My pronouns are she and her, yet I believe most of the song “Simple Man” by Lynryd Skynrd (sprinkled throughout this site for you) compiles all the best life advice in one simple place. The song holds a lot of meaning for me.


No point in hiding it…

I’m not young, and “Lady“ is my grandma name. 

Yup, I’m a grandma (a “youngish“ one, but a grandma, nonetheless). 

It‘s always fun and funny when others hear my grands say, “Hey, Lady!”


I‘m not a “fancy“ lady, but I can be a pretty creative and brave one.  Barefoot just “being“ on a beach...that‘s also so me!


No kidding around or explanation here…that’s what I’m all about — helping you (and myself) find! Because let‘s face it, this journey we‘re on together as humans can be confusing, challenging, and complicated. Add running a business into the mix, and that further complicates the already complicated.

One more thing you ought to know…

If you’re looking for someone with college degrees hanging on the wall and letters after their name,…that’s not me.


However, if you’re ready to partner with someone with tons of hands-on, in-the-trenches experience who’s intuitive and passionate about her work…I’m your solutions “Lady!”

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