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Are you seeking
custom, collaborative, and comprehensive solutions to
manage the often comp
parts of your business


Your search is over!

That's precisely what this "boutique" consulting agency is all about, and

we quite simply and naturally

enjoy creating them.

"Simple" Lady Solutions, Charleston, SC based Consulting Agency
People Purpose Puzzles

"Business is like the beach."

~Erin Ryan Diffenderfer

Synergetic strategic leadership


Necessary Possible Impossible

“Business is simple” ...said no one ever!​ 

The only thing “simple” here at S.L.S. is our mission: 

To help you create more enjoyment, trust, and respect in your business life.


That means you receive custom solutions based on your business's strengths and challenges. We offer our "seasoned" experience, natural intuitiveness, and curiosity, along with an ability to take the total picture into account to help you overcome your challenges and put or keep your business on its most helpful and healthy path in a way that'll "fit" your business just right.

So, who’s the
"Principal" "Lady" behind
“Simple” Lady Solutions?

 Erin Ryan Diffenderfer Charleston, SC based consulting agency

Most of Erin's career before birthing “Simple” Lady Solutions was spent as an entrepreneur in the highly competitive, multifaceted, male-dominated high-end building and manufacturing industries (no small or simple feat!).


Not only has she co-founded owned, and operated companies, she's spent over 30 years immersed in strategic planning, business development, team leadership, creative direction, branding, and B2B sales.


Today, the S.L.S. mission is to return to and share the fun that can be had in business by creating customized, collaborative solutions for clients and their teams. Business isn’t simple, but it doesn't have to be convoluted. 

~ Erin Ryan Diffenderfer

Business is like
the beach?We think so,

Find out why and how. 

Business is like the beach

Let’s walk your
business “beach”
and put the particular
puzzle pieces together. 

Troubles will come and they will pass...some sunny day…

~Lynryd Skynrd

Is it simple?

Is it simple

this process, this journey?

It is challenging…

need less worry?


Is it easy

business life, business evolution?

It is complicated…

want your equation?


Is it impossible

your goal, your transformation?

It is possible…

We’re your solution!


~”Simple” Lady Poetry

Strategic Planning Consultant  Fractional COO Fractional CSO
Strategic Planning Consultant  Fractional COO Fractional CSO
Strategic Planning Consultant  Fractional COO Fractional CSO
Beach at Sunset
Strategic Planning Consultant  Fractional COO Fractional CSO
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Are we a good fit?

Let’s find out!

Take the first step of the S.L.S. “are we a

good fit/get to know each other"  process.

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