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Prioritize People = Results and Profits will follow

Updated: Feb 27


The Ripple Effect... Go from Stuck in necessary to doing what previously seemed Impossible (NPI) by staying in a state of PMA ~ Prioritize, Maximize, Adjust with your TMT ~ Team, Money, Time. Hint... People first always!

When there are so many moving and important elements that all usually need to happen at once, where do you start so you aren't stuck only doing the needed and putting out fires? What next step would allow you to put time into enjoying the process? How do you build the faith that you'll evolve and grow the way you dream of? You need to be adaptable, confident and humble at the same time (yes... you can do this). You and your team will know where to start and what to "throw" first to get the ripples going in the right direction for all. Here's an approach/ way to think/ go about that...

1. Do What Is Necessary: Start by addressing the essentials. You and your team's health is foremost. Then look at the tasks and projects that are crucial for the day-to-day functioning of your business. This includes meeting deadlines, fulfilling customer commitments, and maintaining core operations.

2. Do What Is Possible: With the necessary tasks in hand, move on to feasible projects and initiatives with the available resources. This involves strategic planning, effective delegation, and leveraging your team’s strengths. While doing this make sure you remember it’s not just what you are doing but how; having fun helps get the job done.

3. Now You're Doing What Once Seemed Impossible: As you and your team gain trust in themselves, each other, and the mission, you’ll also all become more adept at managing time and resources. You can now set your sights on goals that once seemed out of reach. This could involve pursuing innovative projects, entering new markets, planning great team experiences or implementing transformative systems.

The Adaptive Advantage

In the ever-evolving business landscape, adaptability is a key ingredient for success. Prioritization isn't a one-time exercise; it's an ongoing, adaptable process. Regularly reassessing your team, money, and time allocations ensures you remain agile and responsive to team needs, unexpected challenges, and emerging opportunities.

The Ripple Effect: From Team Success to Business Triumph

When team, money, and time are strategically and thoughtfully prioritized, a ripple effect is set in motion. Teams become more cohesive and efficient, financial resources are maximized, and time is used purposefully. This synergy propels the organization toward achieving the necessary, the possible, and the once-deemed impossible.

The art of prioritization is a transformative force that propels your team and business beyond conventional boundaries. By consistently evaluating and adjusting your priorities, you ensure the success of your efforts now and lay the foundation for continued flow, enjoyment and health for you and your team in the future. The journey from necessary to possible to impossible while prioritizing people will take you to a place that will exceed your expectations. Bottom-line = Prioritize people and healthy results and profits will follow/ "ripple".


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